Meet The Chef Video Series: Michael Overman

Feb 10, 2021

Chef Michael Overman knows excellent food!

Chef Michael Overman comes from a strong background in food and cooking.

He has loved cooking with family and preparing good food since he was a child. Cooking with the women in his life has instilled a deep love of cooking and all things delicious. Besides cooking with his mom, aunt, and grandmother, he has fond memories of fishing with his grandfather, then cooking it with his grandmother.

His long-time experience in the kitchen has made him the brains behind many of South Beach Grill’s fantastic and original recipes, including some of our most popular dishes. Not only does he have an extensive background in cooking, but he also has an extensive background at South Beach Grill and in the Wilmington community. He grew up in Wilmington and on the water, where he developed a love for fishing and seafood.

Check out this short video to find out more about the man behind the menu at South Beach Grill—and watch keep an eye out for more videos to come in our “Meet the Chef Series”!