Things to Do This Fall in Wrightsville Beach

Nov 02, 2020

For many tourist hot spots, vacation season is over. Fall is here, and it’s time for hibernating, apple picking, and hayrides. But the beauty of Wrightsville Beach is that any time of year can be vacation time. With beautiful waters, a spacious shoreline, wellness activities, restaurants, shopping, sailing cruises, and watersports, it’s easy to see why Wrightsville Beach remains a favorite vacation spot.

Fall is a great time to visit Wrightsville Beach, NC, because us locals consider the weather just right. Sometimes hitting the mid-high 80’s with low humidity, it’s the ideal time for boating or day-tripping on the beach.

So, if you are looking for a fun vacation, whether it’s a quick three-day getaway or weeklong adventure, a jam-packed girls’ trips, or a relaxing family trip – Wrightsville Beach is the place for you! Here are six fun reasons why you should plan a trip to Wrightsville Beach this fall.

Designate a bike day.

The Wilmington area is well-known for its active population who like to partake in outdoor sports like bicycling. The mild climate and level landscape make it ideal for both the casual and the more serious bikers.

Join the locals and designate a day to explore the area on your bike. Check out the Loop Walk, a 2.5-mile ride on Harbor Island, situated between the two bridges in town. The Loop passes by The Wrightsville Beach Historic Square and The Wrightsville Beach Arboretum, a sweet little green space where you can find some Zen.

Book a day for relaxing.

Relaxation starts at one of the many local spas here in Wrightsville Beach. Pamper yourself with a Swedish or deep-tissue massage, or try a custom facial at Alice Lawson Salon. Or check out Head to Toe Day Spa and Salon, where you can find luxurious body treatments, such as the Baltic sea mud wrap or the sea salt glow.

Explore the local coastal beauty water.

See Wrightsville Beach from a new perspective with a variety of tours and eco-adventures. Whether you’re a novice or pro, let an experienced captain sail you around the island or try it first hand with a class from one of the nearby sailing schools.

While strolling the beach, venture to the South End and explore the protected Research Reserve, a favorite among nature lovers, bird watchers, and sunset seekers.

If rough seas mean coastal paddling or kayaking is a no-go this fall, explore the area’s buffered inland waterways like the Black River or Town Creek with a kayak tour led by one of the many local adventure companies.

Brush up on your history.

Experience Wrightsville Beach’s years past at the Wrightsville Beach Museum of History, located inside a historic beach cottage complete with period furnishings. Explore the details of the scale model of Wrightsville Beach in 1910 and how it has changed over the years or watch an oral history video and listen to residents describe the old days.

The outdoor play area has a boat, lifeguard stand, and dig site, where you can uncover shark teeth and shells. It’s next to the Hurricanes exhibit, where you can learn all about hurricanes and past storms.

Experience one of the haunted tours.

Chills and thrills await you at one of the many historical and haunted attractions in nearby Wilmington. As one of the oldest cities in the country, Wilmington is full of scary and extraordinary stories. Take part in any one of the following to ensure a terrifyingly terrific time:

Savor our local flavors

Indulge in one of our many fresh-to-table restaurant options, where dining outdoors with waterside ambiance always complements the unique and delectable offerings. Of course, our number one pick is South Beach Grill. With our ever-evolving chalkboard specials featuring the chef’s local catch, like fresh local Grouper or sea scallops, you really can’t go wrong. Here at South Beach Grill, we are proud to showcase Southern-inspired dining with locally sourced items from both land and sea.

During the summer, ease of accessibility makes Wrightsville Beach a trendy stretch of coastline. However, during the fall, the bustling crowds are gone, and our town’s charm remains.

Be sure to start planning your Wrightsville Beach vacation today, and when you do, be sure to call us. We want to make your experience on the island memorable and unique. Contact us today to make reservations!