Experience Local Vendors When you Eat at South Beach Grill

Mar 03, 2021

Wrightsville Beach is no stranger to fresh seafood, sustainably produced vegetables, and local fruits.

The beautiful North Carolina climate allows for bountiful farmland and the freshest produce. Everywhere you look, you can find fresh seafood, from the delicious grouper and redfish and plump shrimp to succulent blue crab and, of course, local oysters. There is also a vast selection of locally smoked meats, fresh greens, seasonal vegetables, and artisanal cheeses.

Thanks to our amazing and unique coastal surroundings, we can feature a fresh-to-table menu. At South Beach Grill, we are proud to support local efforts and businesses – keep reading to find out more about local vendors!

Terra Vita Farm

Terra Vita Farm is a small, biologically minded farm in Castle Hayne, NC. They’re the only wholly no-spray farm in Wilmington, NC, and practice no-till farming while building soils and ecosystems.

According to the owner and head farmer, Michael Torbett, Terra Vita has “deep convictions about spraying or using any biocides, as our goal is to protect our ecosystems and keep them thriving. We are a minimal/no-till farm, meaning the only time we till is when we are breaking ground for the first time on a new plot. We plant permanent hedgerows for our beneficial insects to reside and flourish. We amend our soils with organic meals and compost, building up our sandy, acidic soils into beautiful topsoil. We also use compost teas and ferments to inoculate our soils with nutrient cycling microbes. We aim to increase our native earthworm and beneficial arthropod populations. We set up birdhouses and bat houses along our property to provide additional housing for our flying friends. We focus on our whole biome, from the micro to macro, and everything in between. We want to make sure you are getting the absolute best food that will nourish and heal your body, free of any pesticides, picked at its prime, and delivered straight to your hands. Our goals are always to educate, feed, and empower people.”

With their wide array of nutrient-dense produce such as organic microgreens, edible flowers, herbs, seasonal produce, hemp, and gourmet mushrooms they are one of the most highly touted local vendors in the area. Initially, we reached out for microgreens, but with Michael’s awesome weekly messages and an order guide full of the freshest seasonal produce around, we can’t help but indulge. We purchased everything from Microgreens to Kale, Kohlrabi, Lettuce, and beautiful Mushrooms.

Seaview Crab Company

Seaview Crab Company was created in 2006 by three friends. The founders were intrigued by the work, independence, and raw entrepreneurial experience of catching live blue crabs and selling them to the public. After three years of roadside bootstrapping, the company took over an existing fish market at 6458 Carolina Beach Rd. Over the past ten years, the trio has grown into a 60+ fishmonger team with a supply chain that reaches up and down the NC coast. The core leadership team has been with the company since they were in high school and still operate open-air markets.

As their company continues to grow, they strive to stay grounded in the values that have fueled their growth. One of our most fundamental company philosophies is to root their supply chain and seafood knowledge into the rich history of North Carolina’s Fisheries and Fishermen. At the same time, they work to keep their eyes on the horizon to adjust to changing weather patterns, regulations, and customer demand. At Seaview, they passionately believe in maintaining win/win/win relationships between fishers, fishmongers, and customers.

Motts Channel Seafood

Another one of our favorite local vendors is Motts Channel Seafood. Widely regarded as one of the best Wrightsville Beach fresh seafood markets since 1990, locally owned Motts Channel Seafood is staffed with an experienced crew working to give you a superb seafood product selection and innovative cooking suggestions. They offer an impressive array of spices and sauces and local food specialties (Key Lime Pie and Cheese Grits) for sale, including their signature Cocktail Sauce.

In 1990, Gene Long moved into the abandoned dock and shop on Short Street to fill a void left by a waning fishing industry. Combining business expertise with a customer-focused approach to serving the community, Gene managed to bring back a tradition the people of this community have always loved. Today, Motts Channel Seafood is truly a family-owned and operated business. His wife Alison and their two children, Elizabeth and Lambert, can often be seen at the store doing “whatever” is needed to keep operations in “ship-shape.”

In Season Supply

In Season Supply was started in Late 2020 by Alex McKaughan. Alex buys fruits and vegetables from farms all over North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Alex has been cultivating his relationships with farmers for years, allowing firsthand pick at some of the finest produce around.

Because of our personal and business relationship with Alex, our South Beach team has access to the finest products, which we strive to showcase to our guests. Alex’s attention to detail, work ethic, communication, and knowledge of the product he sources make him a valuable resource for us at South Beach Grill.

Our menu highlights the abundance of fresh Carolina coastal seafood. Here you will find seafood classics and contemporary twists with dishes like Sweet Potato Crusted Flounder and Grouper Linda. Come experience the freshness of our local vendors and all the deliciousness that Wrightsville Beach has to offer here at South Beach Grill!